Windows 98. Remember That Pile O’ ____?

January 27th, 2016 by Gallantcom

If you think Windows 98 with its integrated Web browser represents a big change in desktop user interfaces, just wait.

The way users interact with computers, which has changed little since Apple Computer Inc. rolled out the Macintosh and Microsoft Corp. stretched Windows over DOS, is about to undergo a face lift. The transformation, which is being led by big vendors such as Microsoft and Netscape Communications Corp. as well as an expanding cast of startups, promises to replace the classic Windows-style UI paradigm with Web-style interfaces, voice interaction, and new, associative ways of organizing documents and other content. As a result, corporate IT managers will soon be able to more easily

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More History On An OS Nightmare

January 6th, 2016 by Gallantcom

The marketing hype that’s sure to surround the release of Windows 98 next week, as well as features such as the new operating system’s Active Desktop, is bound to prove irresistible to some users. Employees at one Fox Television Stations Inc. affiliate who give in to temptation could be in for a big surprise, however: pink slips to go with their final paychecks.

geeekThe station, KDFW, like many enterprises, has decided that Windows 98 will not be supported on its corporate desktops. At the Dallas affiliate, violators are gambling with their jobs.

“At Fox we have a general policy. If anyone installs unauthorized software, it is [tantamount] to quitting,” said John Grayless,

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Windows 98 Launch A Mirror Of Windows 8’s

December 29th, 2015 by Gallantcom

(In light of the latest Windows 8 mess, I thought we should look back at the 98 madness)

t’s not surprising that many corporations have decided, at least initially, to limit migrations from Windows 95 to Windows 98. For most corporate buyers, immediate wholesale upgrades of Windows 95 clients won’t make sense. In PC Week Labs’ tests of the final code, we saw numerous incremental improvements in the operating system; however, none of the improvements will translate into dramatic increases in productivity or reductions in IT spending.

The upgrade to Windows 98, which will become widely available through retail and PC OEMs next week, does offer some advantages to corporations …

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RAID 10 Recovery Helps With Your Paperless Office

December 23rd, 2015 by Gallantcom

rrThere was a time when an office contained reams and reams of papers and files. The storage space in such offices was always overflowing. The irony was that the older the files became, the less they were accessed. In the end, it was just occupying much needed space. Still, no one threw the old stuff away. Now, companies and government agencies are completely dependent on hard discs and a variety of drives for storing data. This data is safeguarded further with the help of RAID 10 server arrays. What has happened is that data is stored on drives in an array and this drive is supposed to be regularly backed up. Again, this backup is usually saved on either another RAID array, or on backup tape.

Therefore, the RAID recovery process can be a complex one. Of course, for someone to become proficient in raid 10 recovery, sufficient training or experience would be required. Information technology professionals with interests other than learning software languages tend to focus on hardware repairs. Read the rest of this entry »

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OS/2 Had Successes, Believe It Or Not

December 20th, 2015 by Gallantcom

When Neuberger & Berman Management Inc. got word from a key outside contractor that it intended to move its customers to OS/2, IS officials decided to build a client/server system instead.

Although IS officials at the New York mutual fund company planned carefully, the road to implementing the new application turned out to be rife with hidden potholes that even exhaustive testing wouldn’t have detected. But after the bumpy ride, however, the company now has a literature-request system and has eliminated at least $40,000 in mainframe licensing fees.

Neuberger & Berman handles the back-office services for its 14 funds. Those services include order fulfillment, production, and marketing for fund literature, lead tracking, …

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ISDN: So Much Promise, But Too Little Time

December 19th, 2015 by Gallantcom

With ISDN fast becoming a reality and with more vendors actually demonstrating functional asynchronous transfer mode products, it’s time to look at how the ISDN standard and protocol are laying the groundwork for the establishment of an integrated broadband communications network for worldwide use.

An outgrowth of the original BISDN (Broadband Integrated Digital Services Network) proposals of the late 1980s, ATM is being promoted in the LAN and WAN environment by the ATM Forum, a group that was founded in 1991 by a consortium of manufacturers from the telecommunications and computer industries.

Although ISDN has been defined in users’ minds as the 64K-bps digital link to the future, ATM is the protocol …

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Linux: More Than Proven

December 16th, 2015 by Gallantcom

Some of the most well known Linux distributors are Red Hat, Suse, Slackware and Debian. More recently a number of large computer suppliers, such as Dell and IBM, have been looking at the possibilities of supplying computers, usually servers, with Linux pre-installed.

Much of the software for Linux is developed under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public Licence. This essentially ensures three things:

* the software’s author(s) retains the copyright

* third parties are free to modify the software in any way they wish, and to distribute or even to sell it, but they must continue to distribute the source code with the software

* the GPL must continue to

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